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How it’s made:

Each necklace is handcrafted in our studio in the gorgeous city of Cape Town and is fairly labour intensive. Each pearl is individually knotted on strands of silk by either Thembi Magqelaba or Jeanine Uwera (Thembi started with us as a cleaning lady, but her interest and passion led to her being trained up as an artisan – her work is stellar!). Knotting each pearl on silk by hand ensures a strong long-lasting necklace you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come. Finally, each wrap necklace has six solid silver hearts at regular intervals. An open heart and fob in solid silver ties it all together.

How to wear:

This long seed pearl wrap necklace is 95 cm long (37 and a half inches)and can be worn as a double, triple or four strand necklace, or “wrapped” around the wrist as a bracelet (as seen above).