Trend 2016: Stacking Rings

Trend 2016 : Layering Necklaces

Jewellery Trends 2016 -Fresh Tips from Vicenza Jewellery Fair

About jewellery trends 2016 – “there are two that are noteworthy”, reports Jacky Boy, who heads up our London branch, “particularly the idea of stacking rings of various widths, metals and coloured stones – as many as your finger will allow. The other is Layering necklaces – longer and shorter, also mixing up metals and shapes. The Scarab range is suited to these ideas. The Wrap necklace, which Scarab has in range, is an idea that is very strong right now – long necklaces broken up with charms can be worn long or doubled up – or even tripled up to completely change the look. To sum up – it’s all about personalisation and individuality. This seems to be the big idea.”